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Blackberry Storm Causes Outage in the US!!

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Browsing through top stories, as reported by Google News, is a daily habit with me. I was in for some bewilderment this afternoon when I spotted the following the headline under Sci/Tech category: “Blackberry Storm Causes Major AT&T Outages”.  There was an unmistakable image of an iPhone next to it. Underneath, it said that as Walmart began to sell the iPhone 3G in thousands of its stores, a storm caused major AT&T voice and data outages across the US Midwest and along the Eastern Seaboard. Here is the screenshot of Google News I took at 2:16 PM today:

Blackberry (caused) Storm!

Mercifully, the Information Week article that it linked to did not exercise such a leap of thought and described what had really happened – a natural storm.

I have been trying to imagine a conspiracy theory behind why this occurred. Did Google (whose Android is competition to both, iPhone and Blackberry) tried to kill two birds with one stone? Or was it an editorial oversight?

Or, more believably, was it a software glitch?

For once, Google’s mighty crawlers picked up a bad donut.


Written by serialbus

December 29, 2008 at 8:23 pm

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