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24 – Eighth Season Spoiler

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The seventh season finale of 24 just ended. Once again, the show left millions of us sated yet thirsty for more. The sixth season had ended on a lame note but I remember the fifth season finale was gut-wrenching with the oil tanker headed for Shanghai and all of us sighing for Jack – also, the fourth season ending with Jack headed incognito to Mexico was cool too. The writers have done a great job of resurrecting the edge-of-the-seat season-end cliffhanger. As the clock clicked rapidly towards 8 am, I was wondering where it was headed. But, in a brilliant 2 minutes, Renee Walker stepped into Allen Wilson’s holding room with murder on her mind and at the same time, Kim vowed to not let her dad kick the bucket. I guess I have made clear through one of my earlier posts how much I die to see 24 – now, I live to see the eighth season and here is what I think we will be shown.

The most obvious prediction. Kim will do what she should have done 5-6 hours back i.e. allow doctors to bring Jack back to life by using her bone marrow or stem cells or something equally impressive.

Kiefer Sutherland has recently hinted that the Day 8 will pick up the story line within minutes / hours of season seven’s finale. This was proven true as one watched the last bits today – with viewers wondering whether Renee would shoot Allen Wilson or not. I think she will not – she will momentarily become the female Jack Bauer (since Jack gave her some pretty inspirational advice before being wheeled out of the crime scene) and scare Wilson into admitting to the existence of the secret society and that it plotted every major terrorist event since season 1. That will sow the seeds for the eighth day – before Wilson can reveal the identities of the other people in the covert group, one of them will arrive on scene and neutralize him and make it seem like Tony did it.

That person will be Tim Woods. Yes, I have believed throughout the season 7 that Tim is the ultimate badass – his furtive glances and his occasional know-all looks tell me that the Homeland Security chief is more than meets the eye. Through the season 7, all he has done is played a harmless personal assistant to Madam President; receiving phone calls or interrupting meetings to convey mostly bad news. Clearly, his character was written to be a sleeper in season 7 but will be the arch-villain of season 8. Why else would he leave the White House to get the custody of Allen Wilson just before the finale ended? He did not accord that privilege to any other suspect prior to this. Tim knows that FBI has now reached the very top of the food chain and unless he eliminates Wilson, his cover would be blown. Tim’s background would also be revealed – his crew cut tells me that he was previously in the armed forces and that underlines his staunchly rightist views on national security and his point of departure with President Taylor’s administration.

However, only viewers will know this – Renee would not realize how Wilson suddenly died as she looked away and Tim would pretend to be appalled. Until about 12 hours mark, this cat-and-mouse game will continue with Renee getting closer to Tim but the latter muddying the waters every time. This will precipitate the realization that US needs CTU back in service since FBI is darn slow. By the time CTU’s servers hum back to life, Jack will be hale and hearty enough to kick ass. He will arrive on the scene to finish the job and will be the first to note that Tim’s actions do not add up. He will unravel Tim’s role in the conspiracy, have him arrested and help move the story towards the other villains in the secret society.

We know by now that Tony wasn’t all that terror-happy. This was meant to be his big revenge for Michelle’s assassination – if he wanted to kill Alison at all costs, he still has to do that. Except that someone else has killed Alison but framed him for it. Not happy with just the credit and no action, Tony will strive to prove his innocence. He will turn a government witness and will become Jack’s buddy and Kim’s uncle once again. Since his bete noire is dead, he will dedicate the rest of the eighth season to hunt other secret society members, one of whom will turn out to be the truly real and really true badass, even above Tim and a cracker of a surprise entry – so surprising that my wildest of guesses would be widely off the mark, so I won’t even attempt.

Since the eighth season is to be set in NYC, it will also be revealed that the recent fly-by of Air Force One at a low altitude over Manhattan was actually done to simulate a panic scene in downtown for the filming convenience of 24’s crew. Using CGI, the Air Force One will then be shown to crash into the ocean near the Statue of Liberty but President Taylor would survive as Agent Pierce will eject out with her on a parachute, with his hand still in a sling. Meanwhile, the secret society will try its best to pass on the blame of the plane crash on some Middle-Eastern country. This is where Anil Kapoor will come in as President Arman Hashemi pleading with President Taylor on Cisco Telepresence to not bomb Suran or Suraq (whichever name 24’s writers please to give his country).

Somewhere along the line, Larry Moss will be brought back from his death (faked by Tony to remain innocent) and Wayne Palmer will be brought back from obscurity.

Since the eighth season will also be the last, they need to give a fitting farewell to Jack. They will abort the senate hearings that malign him undeservedly, then they will award him a medal for his service to the nation, re-instate his honor and re-unite him with, you guessed it, Audrey. She will have recovered from her state of shock by now and her heart will again be full of love for Jack. The 24th hour would show Jack and Audrey with Kim’s baby at a Thanksgiving dinner, while Tony is rehabilitated as the head of the CTU.

Did I say that this will also be the perfect opportunity for Fox to bring in House as Jack’s savior in a special one-hour preview? House will find the new virus fascinating and the chemistry between the daughter and the father even more fascinating. He will piss off Kim, Renee, Chloe and the President, yet everyone will love him by the end of episode one for coaxing Jack back to life. Once Jack is lucid, House will argue with him about his near-conversion to Islam on his deathbed and other equally hot topics like water-boarding. At the end of hour one, Jack will sternly ask House to not force him to make House’s life ‘more miserable than it already is’. At that point, House would concede defeat for the first time!

This special preview will be called ‘House: Redemption’.


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  1. Wow, you have some cool ideas…you should send these to the writers. I like the idea of Tony being framed for something he didn’t do, and Jack being the one who figures it out because he doesn’t think it makes sense with what tony told him about his motives.


    May 20, 2009 at 3:40 pm

  2. we just finished series 7 ten minutes ago.
    i love your script – i hit the table and laughed out loud.
    bring back Larryh Moss (idiot) – i thought that Jack would entangle with Renee ….

    Ben Turner

    January 22, 2010 at 5:42 pm

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