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Predicting Flu, Recession and More….

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Today, I spoke with Nitesh, an old friend, after a long time. When New York catches a cold, Bangalore is one of the first cities to sneeze. So, being based there, Nitesh is witnessing the unraveling of the global economy from close quarters. As we got talking, one of the outrages that we shared was why nobody was able to predict its onslaught. While some players in the economy have a vested interest in not blowing the whistle, the same is not true of the numerous state and non-state agencies (starting with Uncle Ben) whose professed goal is to tell as they see it. Even Alan Greenspan seemed befuddled recently with his own lack of clairvoyance. Beyond what we have already heard and read, I do not have any insights into why the wise folks did not see this coming. Rather, I want to point out how Google has shown us an interesting way of doing what armies of analysts failed to do i.e. predicting recession.

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Written by serialbus

March 22, 2009 at 8:12 pm