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Holding a Mirror to the American People

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One of the canards used often by politicians in the US is attribution of everything glorious to ‘the American people’. During the run-up to the presidential elections last year, anytime someone stumped, clouds cheered wildly whenever the speaker invoked the ‘American people’. This same set of people appears in many avatars in the speeches – as wronged, as hardworking, as honest, as  ‘waiting for change’ and above all, as patriotic. In a democracy, it is a safe bet to start with the axiom that people are virtuous and nice. The anonymous mass of 300 million people is like a massive shock-absorber and it is alright to ignore that the most devious are also part of the same mass. But, what happens when a lot of people err seriously – when they either become ignoramuses or when they put self before country in the most outrageous ways?

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Written by serialbus

May 4, 2009 at 5:42 pm